Welcome and general instructions

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Welcome and general instructions

Postby Ed Westemeier » Fri Oct 28, 2005 6:30 pm

Welcome to the BJCP Forums!

These forums are to facilitate communication among our members. The forums are not a substitute for the BJCP website (http://www.bjcp.org), which is the official means of communication with our membership. The idea here is to provide a more targeted approach to the concerns of beer judges, and also an easy way to see past discussions.
You can find plenty of help on the forum software (click FAQ in the header), so feel free to click around and explore the forums. We have disabled HTML in posts for security reasons, but you can still get most of that functionality using the BBCode tags (explained in the FAQ).

The only things we ask of you are the usual:
Keep it clean, don't attack people, stay on topic, and use the boards only for BJCP discussions. These forums are subject to moderation, and inappropriate posts will be removed.
Registration is required.
Your personal information, such as your email address, will not be sold, rented, or given to any other person, and will remain under the confidential control of the BJCP, in accordance with the Privacy Policy posted on our website. Using the forums indicates your agreement to these terms.

Unfortunately, many spammers attempt to register, so all registrations must be approved by the management. If we can't verify that you are a legitimate user, attempted registrations will be rejected. If that happens, just send an email and you can register again.

Thanks for joining us. :D

On behalf of the BJCP Board of Directors,
Ed Westemeier, BJCP Communication Director

Note: Email me if you encounter problems with these forums.
communication_director {at} bjcp {dot} org

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